10 Most Brilliantly OTT Sports Video Games Of All Time

The only sports games where spontaneous human combustion is encouraged.

There was a time, back in the late 90s and early 2000s, when sports games just weren't enough anymore. Games started going the route of over exaggerated and over-the-top and becoming a lot more fun to play. Two companies sat at the top of this genre: Midway Games and EA Sports (who would use the name EA Sports Big for all their crazy sports games) and they really were titans of their industry. They would duke it out for supremacy, going tit for tat in basketball games, football games and more, which was always to the benefit of the game playing public. Obviously now Midway is gone, and EA Sports Big is defunct, but let's not forget the gems they brought into the world when they threw realism to the curb. Thanks to their particular brand of lunacy, games were released with the ability for players to catch on fire, throw triple alley-oops or punch an opposing player directly in the face. They gave new life and new meaning to well-established sports, mostly by throwing out the rule book. But which were the best lunatic sports games ever released?


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