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As games further shred new territory as a storytelling medium, with that comes a great deal of mature and flat-out brilliantly demented content. Occasionally that mature content can be dirty and disturbing leaving you shocked and rocked to your core. These instances often come from one of two places; graphic violence or graphic sexual content. Context is everything though, and that narrative shapes these situations into the irrepressible and unforgettable moments they are heralded as today.

Today we will be discussing 10 of those filthy sequences that while are potentially mentally and emotionally scarring, are iconic moments in the medium. Self-sacrifice, extremely violent measures, rape, and even child molestation are themes that have cropped up in gaming narratives leaving us in awe and utter disgust. Simultaneously, the narratives were empowered by these moments.

All 10 of them are worthy of claiming the #1 spot, and while I have no doubt I am potentially missing some other good selections, everything documented here is not for the faint of heart. Personally, I find them to be some of the most iconic moments in all of gaming.

Major spoilers are present for every entry so read at your own discretion but most importantly, click Next and enjoy the ride through the darkest moments in all of gaming.

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This article was first posted on September 14, 2013