As a kid my two favorite things in the world were comic books and video games. When these two things came together I was usually happier than a fat kid who just got a gift card for Taco Bell.  Though, my excitement was usually bought to a screeching halt once I actually played these games.

A lot of our favorite superheroes from Superman, Spider-Man, Batman and others have put out some games should never have been played let alone sold for profit. Today we are going to take a look back at a few superhero games that a game creator somewhere should be embarrassed to be associated with.

Let’s begin…

10. Superman (NES)


Released: 1988

Superman is one of the most beloved superheroes/comic-book characters of all time. While Supes may be awesome but he has never really had that much luck as far as video games (as you’ll learn even more about later on). In this game the player controls Superman on a quest to save Metropolis from Lex Luthor and a gang of criminals that were exiled from the planet Krypton.

Why It Sucks: Why is that video games can’t license official music for their games? This game in particular has the most annoying music ever; why can’t we get the Superman theme music? The controls are horrible and for some reason Superman has an extended conversation with the Statue of Liberty. It’s extremely random and the game overall makes no sense.

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This article was first posted on June 20, 2013