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Xbox 360 achievements can be great fun; they can give players bragging rights, as they allow them to compare their gamerscore to that of their friends. These achievements can also extend the life of a game severely; we’ve all become addicted to hoovering up the “cheevs” in a game, and poured a few extra hours into it just to get that last, lingering one. However, there’s a point at which the obsessive compulsion to 1000G the game clashes with one final achievement that is hair-pullingly, head-smackingly, insanely difficult.

I’m talking about those achievements that boil your blood and make you want to hurl the controller through your TV screen in a moment of pure, brilliant rage. Here are 10 achievements that practically nobody has ever bothered to get, and those who did have almost certainly gone insane in their quest to. Here are the 10 most frustrating Xbox achievements ever…



10. Committed ‘Til The End – Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2

For the reward of a tasty 100G, this achievement asks that you earn all the Good Job awards, items and Career Levels possible in the game, which amounts to over 500 separate sub-achievements that have to be completed before the overall achievement will be unlocked.

The one that gives everyone the most trouble, though, is “NUMBER 1″, which requires you to set a world record during one of the game’s challenges, something that was difficult enough if you were playing the game on release day, but almost three years later, topping the scores that people much better than yourself have spent an unhealthy amount of time perfecting is virtually impossible.

If you’re cringing just thinking about this one, we’ve got a long way to. It only gets worse…

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This article was first posted on May 1, 2013