10 Most Hilariously Ridiculous Ways We’ve All Died In Video Games

Death and video games go hand in hand; it’s a sad fact of life.

Sam Coleman


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Death and video games go hand in hand; it’s a sad fact of life. Nowadays, games like Dark Souls pride themselves on the number of virtual lives they take. There can be some comfort in death though, particularly when some death animations or scenes are made to be stupidly hilarious. Face it, there’s been times when you’ve laughed whilst watching your character die; you might feel guilty about it but we’ve all done it.

Whether it’s the animation or the scenario in which our hero dies, there are times when a death in a video game is funny. You may have experienced at least one of the deaths in this article first hand (or maybe I can introduce you to some hilarious demise that you didn’t even know existed). It may be a tad gruesome (or morbid) to find hilarity in the death of our beloved heroes but the ten examples below prove that there’s a bright side to everything.

10. Death By Borf (Space Ace)

The SNES port of Space Ace has become known for its difficulty, largely due to a one-hit death system. Like it’s more widely known older brother Dragon’s Lair(both games were made by Don Bluth, best known for directing and producing The Land Before Time), the original Space Ace was created as a laserdisc game with movie-quality animation – that same quality of animation didn’t make it over to the SNES port though.

Due to some terrible isometric platforming, death comes quickly and often in Space Ace. Even better, each death is accompanied by an animation and sound bite which are hilariously bad. For example, when Ace gets hit by a laser, he seems to collapse in on himself and scream “mm-hmm”. It’s a poor attempt to replicate the death scenes from the Arcade original but it’s hilarious as a result. There’s a wide variety of death animations in Space Ace so it’s definitely worth checking out the video to see them in all their glory.