10 Most Hotly Anticipated Original Gaming Properties In 2015

Going up against Batman and Metal Gear Solid is no simple task.

Here's a shakeup for the usual 'Most Anticipated' idea - what about the titles that are looking to make a mark with nothing established beforehand? 2015 already looks like one hell of a year when it comes to a wealth of delayed titles finally showing up, but in amongst all the hoopla of Batman: Arkham Knight and Metal Gear Solid's fifth main instalment, it's easy to forget just how many developers are kicking out brand new future-proof IPs for the long-haul. In a way it's these guys you should be more excited about, as although there's a certain level of bankability when it comes to knowing exactly how something like Assassin's Creed will play and feel, you need only take a look at Hello Games' No Man's Sky to get a sense of where the future of the industry is heading in terms of jaw-dropping technology. Which do you prefer? Taking a punt on something brand new and ambitious that looks to take influence from other key titles, or securing your investment with an established series of game mechanics and characters? Either way 2015 has got you covered, but especially if you're sick of seeing the same titles again and again, these newcomers are sure to deliver.
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