10 Most Infuriating Water Levels In Gaming History

3. Water Dam (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

tmnt-nes-water TMNT is one of the reasons why I wish time travel was possible. I was too young to fully appreciate it when it kicked off in the late eighties/early nineties, so it€™d be nice opportunity to travel to a time where the excitement for the franchise was at comparable levels to when Pokemon Red/Blue were released. As for the game: it€™s a generic side scroller that features one of gaming€™s most hated water missions. So, why is it infuriating? This level shouldn€™t need any introduction to those well steeped in gaming history. Just like how Gene Roddenberry is responsible for an untold number of singletons, I can only imagine how many broken controllers Konami are accountable for as a result of this level. In the spirit of many a water level, the Turtles control like a fart in a wind tunnel; this is annoying onto itself, but to make matters worse the player must swim through sharp reefs and electrified seaweed (?) with unreasonable precision. And to up the ante further: you€™ve got to disarm eight time bombs in under two and a half minutes. You can€™t even get any lost Turtles back until late next level. As the autosexual man said to his parallel universe counterpart: €œgo f**k yourself€.
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