10 Most Promising PlayStation VR Games Coming In 2016

Could you handle being face-to-face with a T-Rex?

The pending arrival of virtual reality is quite possibly the biggest event in the 2016 tech calendar. Not sold on the idea? Think it's just another gimmick? Well, that's part of the fun. We just don't know whether this new tech will take off, and the uncertainty adds fuel to big debate about whether the whole wonderful idea will actually take off. As someone who's got to experience virtual reality and PlayStation VR first-hand, I can say beyond any doubt that on a technical level it really is the next frontier; a new way of consuming digital media that could be as significant as the dawn of cinema (people have reacted in pretty similar ways to being attacked by sharks in VR as they did to a train pulling into a station during one of the first ever cinema screenings) But great tech needs great developers supporting it, and Sony seems more aware of this than anyone. To that end, the company has courted plenty of developers to work on PlayStation VR. There are already over 100 games lined up for the headset, and with it set to launch in Q1 2016, now's the perfect time to round up the best of 'em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsbxCqmdO-w

10. The Assembly

Considering how The Assembly was one of the first games revealed for PlayStation VR (back in the dark ages when it was called Project Morpheus), you can't say that its developers haven't been given enough time to get to grips with the new technology. Thankfully, it looks like all the one-on-one time with PlayStation VR has paid off for Assembly devs nDreams, as the game looks very promising indeed. It's a first-person exploration game in which you investigate a mysterious underground research facility where questionable experiments on humans and animals take place. You control two characters throughout the game, both of whom offer completely different perspectives on the intriguing story, with your choices having an impact on the outcome. The footage we've seen so far hints at a mystery-thriller tone, veering into sci-fi horror - but of a slow-burning meditative variety rather than the more brisk pacing of equivalent non-VR games. The way nDreams talk about VR suggests that they have a good understanding of how to make the most of the technology to enhance the Assembly experience, ensuring that this game is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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