10 Most Psychotic Gaming Heroes You Should Be Creeped Out By

Erm... shouldn't we be trying to stop these guys?!

Video games are fun and distracting activities that allow you to live out all of your wildest fantasies, and rather wonderfully, the graphics of today make the realisation of such things especially vivid and realistic. You can visit space, live underwater, build your own city, or morph into a plethora of adorable and furry creatures. You could also kill, murder, torture, maim, and wreak havoc on a biblical scale that would have Gabriel playing his trumpet like Rafael Méndez on a six pack of energy drinks. It really says something about us as a society doesn't it? The second any threat of real world consequence goes away, we all become a bunch of massacring sociopaths that won't stop until our Aztec God-like thirst for blood is sated. But what about the lead characters of these games? The avatars who enable the players' descent into primal indulgence? What leaps of logic did the developers have to make in order to facilitate their heroes with the kinds of minds that can withstand such slaughter and shake it off like a muddy Taylor Swift? These are ten video game heroes who have stared into the abyss, seen the abyss stare back, only to realise that they were the abyss all along. Mostly because it was us making their decisions for them...
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