10 Most Ridiculous Boss Battles Of All Time

Boss battles can make or break a video game; they can be the supreme pay-off of all that hard graft…

Shaun Munro


Boss battles can make or break a video game; they can be the supreme pay-off of all that hard graft getting through a tough section of a game, or they can seem arbitrary and simply bog things down.

What’s clear is that throughout the lineage of gaming, we’ve been treated to our fair share of loopy, crazy and ridiculous boss battles, either a case of the developers clearly not giving a damn and just going for broke, or through lazy programming that results in a bizarre boss fight you would never have expected.

Whatever the reason, it’s fair to suggest that a good amount of the programmers working on these games must’ve had some chemical influence, if you catch my drift, because no sober, cogent mind could possibly dare come up with these ideas.

Here are the 10 most ridiculous video game boss battles of all time…



10. Prince Froggy – Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

You normally know what you’re getting with Super Mario games, though Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island did break the mold in as much as it featured one of the most batty and bizarre bosses that Nintendo has ever come up with.

The game involves Yoshi trying to reunite baby Mario with Luigi, and along the way you face a number of mystical enemies, the most freaky of which is Prince Froggy in World 3. Kamek, Koopa’s wizard genius, shrinks Yoshi and baby Mario, at which point Froggy eats them. Yes, you guessed it, this fight takes place inside Prince Froggy’s intestinal tract!

The fight consists of swallowing Shy Guys and to make gigantic eggs that can then be thrown at Foggy’s uvula (that’s the dangly bit at the top of the throat), and once he’s done, you have to make your exit in the only way food is processed through the body…Yup, didn’t expect that in a Mario game, did you?