10 Most Sexually Charged Women in Gaming History

It€™s no big secret that women are often represented in gaming as buxom, outrageously dressed, sexual icons. After all, look at gaming€™s major target market; teenage boys. And generally, what occupies a teenage boy€™s mind? If you said homework and respecting their parents, you€™re not even in the ballpark. Or should I say boobpark? Of course, I€™m talking in sweeping generalisations here. Men are a diverse, ultimately unpredictable bunch, as are women. However, sweeping generalisations are what video game designers, publishers and marketing execs deal almost exclusively in. Which is why, when games are being produced you€™ll often find that the female characters within them are given strong sexual charges. After all, that€™s what the guys who are making the game think we want. Are they right? I€™m not here to argue whether it€™s right or wrong, I€™m just here to perpetuate! I had a think back over my long career as a male gamer and cherry picked some of the female characters that I€™d say are some of the most overtly sexually charged on the market. Yeah€ so you know, you might want to take your jacket off. So, without further ado, let€™s get down to the shameful nitty-gritty, shall we?
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