10 Most Shocking Deaths In Video Game History

ac ce Death happens in video games all the time. Sometimes when it's not well handled a death scene can be predictable and it will lack any shock value it was supposed to have. However, most of the times these moments are well handled and they deliver one big shock to the player, especially if it's from a main character of the game, or even a playable character. Whether or not it's made for the progress of the story or it's just some incident that happens just because you made a wrong decision at one point, you have to admit that when it is well done, a death scene can be not only a shocking moment, but also one that will be left in your memory for years to come. These now are 10 great examples of deaths that were impressive at the moment and they will definitely leave their mark in the world of gaming, in one way or the other. And while not all of the deaths in this list are canonical (as you're about to see) that doesn't necessarily means they aren't shocking. Remember, what we're going for it is for its shock value. So, enjoy here 10 shocking deaths in video games. And before you ask, no, Aerith isn't on the list.

10. Resident Evil 4 - Leon's Beheading

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcX45ZTMQk8 This one isn't canonical, and it is a very avoidable death but, my god! How gruesome is that? The first time you played this game and you saw that you knew this was going to be left in your memory for years to come. I mean just look at that clip again! Out of all the deaths you can have in a Resident Evil game, this one has to be one of the best ones. And certainly one that neither of us would like to have. Resident Evil 4 remains as a fan favorite, and with things like this it's easy to understand why. Dr. Salvador is one of the best enemies ever featured in a Resident Evil game, and I wish he was featured in more games in the series. How? I don't know, nor do I care, just put that sociopath back in the series and I'm sure he'll kick ass in that game as well.
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