10 Most Terrifying Moments in Gaming History

From Monsters, to mannequins to simulated rape; some games are doing their very best to find their way into your nightmares.

Gaming offers many things to the player. Escape, relaxation, or just a means by which to painlessly dispense of a rainy Sunday. Sometimes though, we€™re looking for something a bit more engaging; something that we can truly label an €˜experience€™. By experience, I mean something which alters the mood, whether that be from bored to awed or €“ as this article examines - from relaxed to terrified. There€™s something about horror in gaming that makes it potentially scarier than horror in any other medium for me. It€™s because we€™re usually assuming the role of the character the horror is being committed on; if Leon is sliced in half in Resident Evil 4 by a crazed villager with a chainsaw, for a split second, until the illusion is shattered by that game over screen, that€™s us taking the blade to the chest. Sometimes you€™ll come across a terrifying moment in a video game that sticks with you for the rest of your life. It€™s not as though it€™ll haunt you, affect your ability to function, but you€™ll remember it from time to time and you€™ll think back on how scary it was that night you played through it at 2am and had to turn your bedroom light on, just to be certain you were alone. We had a think back on ten of these moments from gaming history. They€™re not all pulled from horror games though €“ sometimes terrifying scares come when you least expect them, which is probably what makes them so effective. So without further chatter, get ready to relive those moments in gaming that terrified us most.
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