10 Movies Based On Video Games That Misinterpreted Their Source

Resident Evil Every time I finish a video game that I've enjoyed, I tend to sit there for a few minutes wondering what to do next with my life. Sure, after a few seconds I realise I should probably get up from my chair, open the curtains and see what's happening outside. But for those precious few seconds I tend to drift off and imagine an alternate ending or perhaps pretend that I'm the character I was playing. Sometimes my thoughts drift off further and I start to think how great this game would have been if it was a Hollywood-funded movie. At times my hopes are answered and a major company does pick up a video game to turn into a movie, though more times than I can believe these movies turn out to be a complete disappointment. You see, when it comes to a video game, movie companies tend to think it's much better to stray off the path of the game's story and concentrate more on flashy effects and well-known actors to reel in the cash. This may go down well with the general public, but to people who've played the game and enjoyed it, it's the equivalent of being being slapped across the face with a day old cod. Don't get me wrong: just like the next person I want to see a famous actor running along Venice's rooftops as he attempts to assassinate Cesare Borgia, but I want the movie to stick to the same plot as the Assassin's Creed game... otherwise why base the movie on the game at all? In this article I'll be exploring movies that completely misinterpreted the games that they were based on. So, without further ado, let's take a look at some prime offenders...
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