10 Needless Video Game Features We Could All Do Without

A list of things that reduce the quality of modern video games, time after time.

A video game is much like a machine, it's ultimately a sum of its parts. A truly great game could be received badly and not reach its entire audience, solely because of one or two bad minor features or mechanics that unfortunately hold the game back as a whole. Be it an overwhelming flaw, or a minor mistake or oversight, there have been plenty of gaming features over the years which have soured otherwise fine games. The game developers are not always the ones to blame, sometime it's the gaming industry. When a well-selling or popular game is released, many of its themes, ideas and mechanics will be adapted to more general uses in different games, this is occasionally a good thing, but mostly bad. A game's core mechanics and features should reflect the genre it's from and what kind of game it's intending to be, it shouldn't randomly inherit a collection of traits that have proven successful in the past, no matter how innovative they may be. In critique of some of the worst trends effecting recent games and game design, we've developed a list of gaming features, mechanics and design elements that are ineffective, clunky or obsolete and should be scrapped. Here are ten needless video game features we could do without.

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