10 "Next Big Thing" Video Games That Completely Flopped

1. Lawbreakers

Boss Key Productions

Despite making the same mistakes that Battleborn did, Lawbreakers ranks much higher on the list because of just how arrogant its developers Boss Key Productions were in the run up to its release.

Spearheaded by Cliff Bleszinski, the director best known for the original Gears of War trilogy, the studio was certain that Lawbreakers was going to be the next big gaming phenomenon.

Claiming that the look and feel of the multiplayer shooter appealed more to fans of Tarantino, unlike Overwatch, which allegedly courted only anime fans, with every new interview Cliffy B seemed to make Lawbreakers about himself, rather than how the game actually played.

Again, despite repeating the line that Lawbreakers wasn't trying to compete with any other shooters, audiences didn't have space for another hero-based first-person shooter once Overwatch hit shelves.

Consequently, Lawbreakers came nowhere near close to matching the developer's astronomical goals, and at time of writing, enjoys less than 100 concurrent players at any given time.

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