10 "Next Big Thing" Video Games That Completely Flopped

10. Evolve

Turtle Rock

The next multiplayer shooter from the guys who created Left 4 Dead was always going to be a big deal, but nobody was prepared for the amount of hype that Evolve received leading up to its release.

An asymmetrical shooter that pitted a team of hunters against one ever-evolving monster, the game was poised to usher in an entirely new genre of online multiplayer games into the mainstream.

Unfortunately, the cracks in the game's development started to show long before players got their hands on it. With its pre-order bonus content releasing before anyone knew what the game even was, it became clear that the priorities of Evolve were firmly rooted in siphoning as much money from its players as possible.

A multiplayer-only title is already a tough sell, but one that lacks content at launch and expects its players to pay a premium just so they have a reason to continue playing is one that's doomed to alienate its own fanbase.

So when players realised just how little meat there was on Evolve's bones, the game died before it could inspire the new genre it was supposed to. Even going free to play couldn't save it, and it had the misfortune of being killed off for the second time last year.

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