10 Notorious Video Games That Ask You To Sacrifice Your Social Life

It's hard trying to convey just how much we NEEDED to stay up until 3am to play a video game, but we tried...

For many years there has been a perception in the world around video gaming that the players are anti-social creatures. While this is the sort of drastic generalisation that many generations tend to employ, there is an element of truth to it - though perhaps not for the reasons you might think. Now if you're thinking that it's because gamers are all losers and nerds and that they are inherently unable to socialise in real world then it seems you've been far too successfully brainwashed by stereotyping and we will have to respectfully have to ask you to leave. Okay; with those guys all gone we can talk seriously. It's true, gamers can be anti-social, but it's all in pursuit of excellence in their chosen field. While it's possibly unfair that those who dedicate themselves to achieving a coveted 100% completion of a video game are criticised for being antisocial while a footballer spending hours and hours honing his passing skills alone against a playground wall is celebrated for his commitment, this is unfortunately the hand gamers have been dealt and something we are forced to endure. So seeing as mastery of any activity requires a substantial sacrifice of time from one's social life, why don't we take a look at ten games that are notorious for demanding that their players go the extra mile in the pursuit of perfection? Though it's true that not all of these games can be 'completed' as such, they all have lofty goals for us to aim for, and all demand an enormous price be paid as we strive to achieve them.

Gareth is 28 years old and lives in Cardiff. Interests include film, TV and an unhealthy amount of Spider-Man comics and Killers songs. Expect constant references to the latter two at all times. Follow on twitter @GJCartwright.