10 Outrageous Sexy Moments Hidden In Video Games

4. GTA IV: Stripper Bonus

GTA Stripper

One of the most notorious GTA moments from the history of the franchise, and facilitated by the move to greater graphics, GTA IV's stripper sequences were about as authentically sexy as the series had ever got.

Sure, up to this point the player had been able to use prostitutes (and kill them for their money,) as well as some cheeky devils gaining access to the Hot Coffee mod previously mentioned, but that was all just pixelated suggestion compared to the rampant sexuality on show in GTA IV. And it was fairly difficult to explain to the girlfriend why you were sitting watching what amounts to a bunch of very cleverly arranged squares making sexy moves - especially when access to the internet and real naked ladies was but a few simple clicks away.

Not content with offering "normal" stripping services, the game's Pink Triangle Club also provided special services like the particularly colourful dance session below...

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