10 Phenomenal Video Games With Shockingly Bad Boss Fights

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Naughty Dog

Although everyone loves to pretend that Naughty Dog games are perfect masterpieces, the Uncharted series has always underwhelmed with its uninspired and ridiculously easy boss battles.

Navarro, Lazarević and Talbot were all terrible, but the most frustrating were Rafe and Nadine due to embodying the medium's sacrifice of good boss fights in its evolution to become more like movies.

With Nadine, both struggles may as well have been cut-scenes rather than controllable gameplay as no matter how quick you attacked and pressed triangle to counter, she always kicked your ass and made you humble.

The concluding battle with Rafe was a little better due to your involvement being more than a mere illusion, but it was still a mundane quick-time-event with easily breakable scripting - where Rafe's AI could refuse to get in the precise spot to trigger the next cinematic.

But, seeing as A Thief's End was a self-aware encapsulation of everything that made Uncharted Sony's most prolific property, maybe it was befitting of Naughty Dog to finish their last Nathan Drake adventure with another subpar final boss.

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