10 Phenomenal Video Games With Shockingly Bad Boss Fights

10. The Evil Within 2


Yes, The Evil Within 2 fixed its predecessor’s robotic characters, overly convoluted story and intrusive black bars, but it failed to deliver boss battles that were anywhere near as terrifying.

In the original, Laura and The Keeper were recurring nightmares who forced you to quickly improvise, exploit the environment and manage your gear as you avoided being insta-killed in tight quarters with traps everywhere.

This claustrophobic horror and panic was something the sequel sorely lacked, with Tango Gameworks having removed traps and one-hit kills almost completely thanks to an overcompensating desire to please all the critics who raged about its forerunner's difficulty.

The tight halls were also replaced with breathable open spaces that made it easy to avoid up close conflict, and the bosses' designs were largely underwhelming with one being a lazy rip-off of the Scarecrow nightmares from Arkham Asylum, the other a pretentious artist with poor aim and the final a generic monster of Sebastian's wife.

It's telling that the only good boss fights in the entire game were a lullaby singing Siren and Father Theodore, only because they took you back to Beacon and literally recycled the last game's scarier monsters.

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