10 Phenomenal Video Games With Shockingly Bad Boss Fights

When all that's required to beat the main villain is the press of a button.

Naughty Dog

A lot of celebrated moments in the history of video games involve the satisfying death of an adversary after a challenging boss fight.

Be it Psycho Mantis, Bowser or any of the Colossi, well-made boss fights are exclusive touchstones that define entire generations of games and the people who grew up playing them.

Or at least... they used to.

In its undeniable progression with the development of graphics and storytelling, the medium has sacrificed a lot of what made it so special in the first place.

Now - much like the yin and yang - for every boss fight that was strategically challenging and once revolutionary, there are several disappointing and insulting ones that tarnish otherwise phenomenal video games.

Sure, there are still excellent bosses to be found in the likes of Dark Souls, Nier: Automata and Persona 5, but in AAA video games, terrible boss fights are pretty much expected.

Sometimes this is forgivable with certain titles providing one incredible boss fight in compensation for all the bad, but more often than not, the amazing video games of today offer nothing memorable, and embody why boss battles in general are a dying art.

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