10 PlayStation Trophies That Are Literally Impossible To Achieve

10. Run Like The Wind - Grand Theft Auto V (PS3 Version)


Because of the amount of money and resources behind them, it seems bizarre that a massive AAA game would feature an issue that prevents players from getting 100% completion. And yet, Grand Theft Auto V falls into this category.

For the first few years after its 2013 launch, the PS3 version of the game had an attainable - albeit rather difficult - platinum trophy, with no major issues to speak of. However, in 2017, Rockstar disabled the ability to place bounties on people in GTA Online, making one particular trophy - Run Like The Wind - impossible to achieve, since it required players to survive with a bounty on their heads for one in-game day.

Players who had already unlocked the trophy before 2017 were not affected by this change, but players who hadn't got around to it yet - or new players starting the game for the first time - were screwed. The last-gen versions of the game have been pretty much abandoned too, so Rockstar probably won't head back and change things.


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