10 Popular Video Games That Will Die In The Next 5 Years

1. Metal Gear

Metal Gear Survive

Current Status: Metal Gear Solid is already dead. The reanimated corpse that is Metal Gear Survive - built from the remnants of MGS V's levels and given "life" by generic, business mandated design decisions - simply isn't "a Metal Gear game" in anything other than name.

Sales have been worse than disastrous so far, with a peak player count of 92% less than The Phantom Pain on Steam - and that's before we really take stock of how little the current band of hostag- employees remaining at Konami have to work with from here on out. Hell, decoded messages from within MG Survive point to many members of the team leaving secret messages that ostensibly exist only to get one up on Konami.

The Future: The only reason Survive existed at all was to cash in on Kojima Productions' FOX Engine, and to essentially butcher the canon of the franchise as Konami's own middle finger to Hideo Kojima himself. Where they go from here is anybody's guess, but there's no creative lead; no semblance of character or forward momentum - nothing other than the most sterile, naked, soulless product possible.

MAYBE there's another "churned out" Metal Gear, but in 5 years this will be nothing more than a memory.

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