10 Popular Video Games That Will Die In The Next 5 Years

Call of Duty's days are numbered.

Call Of Duty

The video game business is absolutely ruthless. More so now than in any past period, due to the sheer amount of money riding on any blockbuster property, character appeal, set of mechanics or anything in between, only the abject "best" ideas ever get let through.

As 2018 kicks into gear, some of the most talked about titles in the triple-A space are also the most vapid. Littered with microtransactions and pay-to-play mentalities, the likes of Destiny, Agents of Mayhem, Metal Gear Survive, FIFA, Call of Duty and more are focused on mechanics over narratives; on treating each player like a walking ATM than delivering something worthwhile.

This approach can be fine depending on how these additional spending methods are implemented (just look at Overwatch and Fortnite), but the shift in focus towards creating games that are "platforms" has damaged more properties than its benefited.

Ask anyone who grew up playing games in any decade prior to this one, and they'll remember a time when experimentation was at the forefront of the industry. When narratives, characters, boss battles and plot twists were talked about by everyone, not just a game's respective fanbase.

It's imminently obvious that MANY of gaming's biggest names are all out of ideas, and this age of money-sucking gameplay systems over everything else has to come to an end.

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