10 Popular Video Games You're Playing Wrong

10. Telltale Games - Stick With Your Decisions

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Telltale Games are all about choice. Even more than RPGs like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, every little decision you make in titles like The Walking Dead, Batman or Game of Thrones can influence the plot or change the way characters interact with you.

Of course, we've all been in a time-sensitive situation in one of the studio's releases where a choice seems impossible. Whether it's deciding who to save out of two characters or which political line you take in a speech, the ticking clock can lead you to deciding on a response that you think will turn out well, only to have it blow up in your face.

Because this can change the entire story and ruin the outcome you were trying to achieve, it can be tempting to reload an area, or a whole chapter, to go back and correct your mistakes.

You shouldn't though, as the beauty of these games only really shines when you have to live with your decisions. Not every story turns out how you wanted, and while you might not end up with the perfect run you envisioned, living with the tragedy you caused and learning for your mistakes often leads to a more fulfilling experience in the long run.

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