10 Reasons Games Are Way Better Than Films

Films have been capturing the imagination of audiences for over a century, and over that time have experienced waves of…

Callum Wiggins



Films have been capturing the imagination of audiences for over a century, and over that time have experienced waves of innovation. From the black-and-white, silent motion pictures of the early twentieth century, today’s film-goer is treated to a startling graphical and audible experience, with the enhancements to special effects making even the most unfeasible of event as lifelike as one could possibly imagine. Furthermore, the actors are more abundant and better-looking than ever, which means that the industry has a wide variety of stars to keep the viewers coming back for more. The hundreds of millions of dollars that successful films reap in at the box office alongside the supplement of DVD and Blu-Ray sales means that films will continue to get better and capture the imagination of the audience.

Video games have had a much shorter tradition than films, but in many ways their growth has been in many ways mirrored. From 2D text-based games and arcade classics, video games have evolved into visual spectacles that engross the player, alongside new and varied methods of gaming using controllers, keyboards, or just your own body. It has transformed from simply an arcade experience into being able to craft a tale that can rival any movie or television series, and has made celebrities out of fictional entities. Whilst the film industry has Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the video game world has Mario and Lara Croft.

This begs the question, have we reached a point that video games not only rival the experience that is offered by films, but actually be considered better. Long gone is the time where the gaming industry was the pastime of a select few in their bedrooms – it is a competitive and financially successful mass media. Whilst it should be said that both have unique qualities and one should not decide that it’s either one or the other, for me personally I know which I would rather invest my own money into. Video gaming is by far in a way the superior of the two in terms of providing entertainment, and hopefully these ten reasons will convince you too.

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for a number of popular films and video games.