10 Reasons L.A. Noire Is Rockstar's Most Underrated Game

10. The World Is Unlike Anything Else

LA Noire Los Angeles
Rockstar Games

Although at first glance LA Noire's version of 1940's Los Angeles looks pretty much identical to sandboxes like Liberty City or San Andreas, it's completely different to anything else in the developer's back catalogue.

Because from the handling of the cars to The Big Sleep playing on cinemas, everything about the city attempts to transport you back to a specific period in time, perfectly reflecting a depiction of the USA that's been captured over and over again on the big screen in classic Hollywood movies.

More than just a visual treat, the story leans heavily on the depiction of LA itself, with Cole Phelps uncovering the corruption at the heart of the city and the government officials who are planning on using its layout for profit and greed.

The setting is a hugely important part of any noir tale, and the way LA Noire makes it feel like a real, authentic place anchors the plot in a way that similar games can't hold a candle to.

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