10 Reasons Mario Is Actually A Terrible Role Model

9. He’s Overweight


While he may not be quite as rotund as in his earlier years, Mario is still a bit of a fatty. Being short and fat is only of any use if you are a sidekick or maybe if you are starring in a Lord of the Rings game. These days we want our video game characters to be athletic and lithe young individuals like Nathan Drake or Lara Croft, given Mario is a bit of a porker there is a chance that Lara and he might have similar cleavage though he doesn’t often wear unbuttoned shirts so I cannot confirm.

He certainly isn’t the proud owner of six-pack abs and buns of steel, which is a little strange given how active he appears to be, he is always running, jumping or swimming so his diet must be absolutely atrocious. Given he is Italian I can only imagine it is a diet of spaghetti and lasagne, though I hear that the beef is actually 80% Yoshi. Childhood obesity is a huge problem and until we can get Nintendo to ship Mario off to fat camp, he is not setting a good example.