10 Reasons Super Mario Odyssey Isn't Game Of The Year

10. The Camera Could Be Better

Super Mario Odyssey

A poor camera can sink even the best game, and it's a pervasive issue that's been troubling third-person platformers ever since their inception.

Despite all its brilliance, Odyssey is no exception, with the game's camera requiring an excessive amount of fiddling to swing it into the correct position, which can be especially irritating when there's a lot of action taking place on-screen.

This can often result in you "unfairly" losing a life or falling from a platform and needing to repeat a section. At least the checkpointing and general difficulty is forgiving enough that repetition isn't too arduous, but it's still frustrating that navigating the world isn't more intuitive.

Scanning your surroundings and maintaining spatial sense of Mario relative to his environment just isn't as simple as in previous games, and could certainly do with a patch (though don't expect it).


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