10 Reasons The Video Game Industry Is Heading For Another Crash

10. History Is Already Repeating Itself

Wikimedia Commons

Firstly, there's too much competition within console gaming. At the moment Microsoft and Sony might be dominating, with Nintendo hanging around behind (just as they were in the 1980s, incidentally), but they aren’t the only ones on the market. Steam are launching their own home console-style Steamboxes in the next year, there are hundreds of different Android versions and both Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are capable of playing games too. They might not be a threat to the big three right now, but it all starts somewhere.

Competition from outside the console market also didn't help in the 80s. But whereas then, they only had to deal with competition from home computers, now they are facing a challenge from mobile gaming as well. More and more consumers are being pulled towards these other gaming options. 

Steam has already perfected digital gaming, and although Microsoft saw their efforts to move towards a disc-less console fail dramatically at first, you can't deny how a situation where console manufacturers are replaced by a home computer/mobile-market structured framework would become the norm eventually.

It would definitely solve the pre-owned games model that publishers have been working to eradicate for years, anyway. Not only is the situation similar to the 1980s, but we've already seen the first casualties of this structure - say, remember THQ?


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