I’ll admit, I’ve only played World Of Warcraft for a few days but those days coupled with the stories revolving around WoW have been more than enough to fuel this article. Many of the points that are brought up in this article can also be attributed to other MMOs, however as WoW seems to enjoy sitting in the limelight as being one of the “best” and “most subscribed” MMOs out there, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be able to take the flak.

I’ve played quite a few MMOs out there, both free and ones with a monthly subscription yet none of them have made me hate them as much as WoW has. Well maybe Vindictus has, but that’s purely because it took Nexon close to 18 months to refund me for a billing error on their part. I’ve worked my way through massive and difficult games like FFXI and fast-paced shooters like S4 yet I’ve always ended up re-installing these games and playing for a few more hours. What is it that makes me hate WoW so much and wish it had never been created or reached such fame? I’ll be telling you my top ten reasons in this article.

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This article was first posted on February 10, 2013