10 Reasons To Hate World Of Warcraft

10. The Graphics

world-of-warcraft-600x300 I'll give you that this argument has been over-used through the years, but for a game with such heavy graphic requirements it doesn't justify the cartoon like characters and environments that make WoW so recognisable. A lot less work has gone into games like Tera, yet if you pump it up to ultra settings for graphics you're greeted by a truly wonderful sight. Hell, even Vindictus was put together in a shoddy manner and it looks a lot better. I know WoW's die-hard fans are going to pop out of the woodwork and claim the graphics are unique and familiar but all I can say is come on, it's 2013. If I wanted to have cartoonish and terrible graphics, I'd pull out an old PS2 game not spend 2 days downloading a game that boasts over 10 million subscribers.

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