10 Reasons We Need Bloodborne 2 Instead Of Dark Souls 4

Do we want more? Yes, yes we do.

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Bloodborne excelled and may have even managed to outdo the original Dark Souls in many ways. The level of polish and refinement that went into everything from the sound design, to world design, to weapons to cape physics is astounding and in many ways, it’s a more even experience that most of the Dark Souls series. And while I debate whether or not Bloodborne should stand as a great singular experience or turn into a series. What it really comes down too, is do we want more? And by god yes, we really do!

With three projects in development, one being an Armoured Core Sequel and at least one of the others being ‘Soulsesque’, chances are that we could be delving back into Miyazaki’s Lovecraftian world sooner rather than later. Rumours about Dark Souls 4 hang ever present in the air, but we feel like that series needs a break to let From

Software’s other baby shine through and establish itself as a great game series. So, while so may argue that Dark Souls deserves another sequel, we are here to stand strong and argue that Bloodborne should get its second instalment.

It’s with that in mind that we look to listing 10 reasons why Bloodborne 2 is a necessity over Dark Souls 4 and why we are willing to hedge the possibility of a sequel tainting the series, with the chance of even more brilliance!

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