We are finally coming to a close of the 7th generation of gaming consoles. It has been utterly fascinating to see unfold and for better or worse, it has certainly set trends going forward. We now have DLC, online passes, limited editions, digital distribution and even input options like motion controls and touch screens.

But with that, the landscape of gaming has definitely changed quite dramatically. Casual games, web based games, phones, tablets, cloud gaming, the rise of PC gaming are all things that the upcoming generation are going to have to deal with. There are a ton of factors that could cause the next generation to stumble, and at its worst, be the last. While I think a fair share of their problems are unique to them, Nintendo’s under performing Wii U has given us a glimpse at how the upcoming generation of consoles might suffer.

We have become so comfortable with consoles being turned out every 8 or so years and have been reliant on them ever since games came into the home that it is nearly impossible to imagine a world without them. However, there are certainly some major struggles that lie ahead for the next generation.

Now, allow me to put a disclaimer on the article. I am not saying that this is the last generation of consoles but I am highlighting several reasons why it COULD be. I am a console gamer and I love the Xbox 360 for many reasons. I also think the idea of a ‘death of consoles’ could be problematic for every one. I am merely highlighting some of the factors that are going to be working against another generation after the one we are about to enter. I also want to make a point that many of these factors have an uphill battle against the monster console market, but it still doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting to muse upon.

So, we are cool and understand each other? Excellent.

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This article was first posted on April 24, 2013