10 Reasons You're Wrong About Destiny

It's not hard to see the many things Bungie's latest does better than anyone else right now.

Remember the eye-straining feeling of knowing it was something-past midnight, but you were still plugging away with your friends in a game of Halo? It's back, and it's (almost) better than ever. Thousands of gamers have had the same experience over the last few years with annual instalments of Call of Duty, but for the rest of us it was Halo 2's multiplayer that gave us that first quintessentially-addictive taste of competitive online play. Peaking throughout that, Halo 3, ODST and Reach, Bungie's departure from the series then put most of us in skeptical territory, waiting ardently to see what 343 Industries would do with the franchise, and although the initial Halo Anniversary and part four were solid entries, like Max Payne 3 it just felt a bit too different knowing the original creators weren't hand-crafting everything. Enter Destiny; the most expensive game ever made, and one that comes with it the level of hype and expectation akin to bordering a shuttle to a neighbouring galaxy. Could it live up to it? Of course not, nothing short of the second coming of Christ himself would be able to live up to the amount of hype we lavish on titles these days. But amongst the sea of shrugged shoulders and general nonchalance are just as many reasons for celebration - comprised of brilliant little touches, gameplay mechanics and artistic choices that have already contributed to hundreds of us smashing straight through the level-cap within the first few days. Destiny is definitely a peculiar beast, and justifiably it's split gamers right down the middle as every hotly-debated title always does. There are a handful of worthwhile complaints we've already covered, but what about the other side of the fence?
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