10 Reasons Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's Haters Are Wrong

It really is that damn good.


If you've managed to keep up with the slew of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild reviews, you'll note that there is some dissenting opinion beginning to form amongst the abundance of perfect scores.

Most notably, Jim f'ing Sterling (son) saw his website suffer DDoS attacks and was taken offline for a period of time in response to his 7/10 score for Breath of the Wild - a score on his scale that equates to 'Good', leaving many Zelda followers* disappointed.

Much of Mr. Sterling's ire has been directed at the niggling problems behind the systems the game has been widely praised for elsewhere.

Seeing the same types of cutscenes play out for shrine exploration or the blood moon sequence, having problems with the stamina wheel forcing players to limit their exploration before finally being able to build it up themselves, and finally, perhaps most crucially, the weapon system.

Regardless of all the furore surrounding the review (and others like it), it's crucial to remember that Breath of the Wild is not the first game to use such a weapon degradation system, nor do many of the other emergent nitpicks truly hold any ground.


(* I say 'followers', as you never know quite who's genuinely a passionate fan and who's simply a professional harasser online.)


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