10 Ridiculous Story Decisions That Ruined Great Video Games

9. Solid Snake Is Not The Protagonist - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


Surely the most infuriating and downright ballsy creative decision made in any major video game to date, Hideo Kojima opted to screw with his sizable fanbase by replacing Solid Snake, the steely protagonist of the first Metal Gear Solid, with Raiden, an effeminate, white-haired, squeaky-voiced dweeb who's about as badass as Mother Teresa.

Kojima further messed with fans by allowing us to play as Snake on the Tanker prelude level for around an hour, luring us into a false sense of enjoyment until the Big Shell mission begins, and the truth is unveiled.

Though MGS2 is on the whole a great game, it's totally derailed by the fact that we want to play as Solid Snake, and instead we're stuck with someone we know little about and don't really want to either. It's crazy that Kojima dared to take such a creative risk, and though the game is without question marred by this choice, he did at least have the good sense to turn Raiden into a badass cyborg ninja by the fourth installment.


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