10 Scariest Ever Video Game Characters

1. Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2


Ah, Pyramid Head. Judge, jury and executioner - not just for James Sunderland, but to the other monsters that inhabit Silent Hill. This is backed up by the first time you see him, he appears to be sodomizing a fellow monster. What made Pyramid Head stand out was the fact that he was not just a bog standard enemy. He had symbolism behind him. He is the manifestation of James' unfulfilled desire to be punished as the result of him killing his wife Mary. This is represented in game by committing acts that James either has done or has thought about doing. Pyramid Head also goes and kills Maria to remind James of the fact he killed Mary. James was in denial and Maria was a distraction for James. Pyramid Head also seems to further represent James' sexual frustration whilst Mary was ill. The pyramid helmet is seen as a symbol of James being trapped, his Great Knife and spears can be seen as phallic imagery, and he appears to be engaging in acts of rape with various monsters throughout the game. Who said there is no thought that goes into these monsters? Any other monsters that should have been included on this list? Which ones terrified you? Leave a comment in section below.
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