10 Sega Mega Drive Games You Forgot You Loved

It's one of those awesome 'You'll remember way more than you think' type deals.

Although they're known nowadays for mainly churning out sub-par Sonic games, there was a time way back in the day where Sega were every bit as big as PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. This era is of course the time of the Sega Mega Drive; a staple machine in the homes of countless gamers across the world in the early 90s. The console proved extremely popular for Sega and went toe-to-toe in its own console war with the SNES, each battling the other for superiority for years. That was a different time though - games tended not to appear on both consoles as different teams made completely separate titles for each. Even when games had the same name, they tended to vary between each console, with one not necessarily the same you'd experience on the SNES or Mega Drive. Thankfully for the latter, countless games came out that were memorable, extremely fun to to play and even introduced us to household names such as Sonic the Hedgehog. There's also a huge library of forgotten gems and old favourites which have been lost to the passage of time, and it's in this article that we'll blow on the cartridge of these old favourites and remind you of how great they once were (and totally still are).


Dan Curtis is a gaming-obsessed writer who hails from the North East of England, where inexplicable, hard-to-understand accents reign supreme. Dan is also one quarter of the Factory Sealed retro gaming podcast!