10 Simple Video Games That Are Too Brutal To Master

Just get the bike from one end to the other. Simple.

Difficulty in video games can vary drastically; some games are a total walk in the park, and others will test you in ways you won€™t believe. With that said, there are some games that manage to achieve both, being incredibly easy to play but almost impossible to truly master. These games can be played by anyone, and anyone can enjoy them, but very few can actually claim to have them conquered.

Often, these games will feature a veracious difficulty curve, a distant summit to which only the most experienced veterans could ever hope to overcome.

They will invite you in, draw you near and slit your throat; they€™re deceptively simple, so much so that you€™ll spend weeks or even months of your life just practicing and practicing, honing your skills, only to fail again, and again, and again. They€™re designed to break you no matter how much you play, and no matter how hard you try, you€™ll probably never completely master them.

For all intents and purpose, they€™re nigh-on impossible, but that hasn't stopped us trying anyway...

10. Trials HD/Fusion

Published by Microsoft and developed by RedLynx, the Trials series has always been deceptively simple. Essentially, using just the right and left trigger to balance yourself, players must manoeuvre themselves from one side of an obstacle course to the other. Simple enough, right? Well, the game gets progressively more difficult over time, until eventually you find yourself scaling almost completely vertical walls, bouncing on pin heads trying to get the bike to where it needs to be.

The appropriately titled €œExtreme Difficulty€ is gruelling; it punishes you for even the slightest miscalculation, the slightest mistiming. You€™ll find yourself holding your breath, desperately trying to cling to the side of giant tire with your front wheel, pleading with the game not to drop you and make you start all over again.

To make matters worse, Trials really prioritises how well you do, meaning that getting to the end of a given level isn€™t always your priority. In fact, the completionists out there will find themselves replaying the same segment again and again, attempting to get the best possible score and the fastest time.


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