10 Superhero Sandboxes We Want Made

kraven-last-hunt What can possibly be more exciting than sitting behind the masks of our favourite Heroes, cruising around their home towns, beating the snot out of evildoers from the comfort of our arm chair? The most notable game that comes to mind is the recent Batman: Arkham City, highly praised as one of the best Superhero games of all time. And what's better? Its a Sandbox. The biggest gripe in the first game (Batman: Arkham Asylum) was that a lot of the levels felt too linear and too confined, and RockSteady knew this (after all, the game is set in a prison) and made sure that for their next outing, we got to sink our teeth into an entire crime stuffed slice of Gotham. And if Batman doesn't put the wind into your capes, then Superman and Spider-Man have both had their own Sandbox games, they weren't too bad either! But unfortunately that's about it. Plenty of heroes have been given the ol' Video Game treatment, but not many of them are exactly very good, and the few hidden gems you do manage to get hold of don't exactly give you the same feeling of immersion, exploration and general "ass kickery" that a superhero sandbox does. But we can dream right? And heres 10 to dream about now...

10. The Flash

theflash2 This one is a no brainer. A sandbox game featuring The Flash is one I know I would definitely buy in a heartbeat. Imagine being able to speed your way up and down Freeways on foot, weaving in and out of oncoming traffic with maybe a few side missions in which you have to assist the local Cops with some high speed chases? How cool would it be to find yourself facing off against five gangsters all aiming guns at you, and then with a quick slow motion mini game and a lot of blurry red costume trails, you've zipped in between the unruly sods and stolen all their weapons before they have a chance to call for their Mothers. Combine super speed movement with collectibles, races and a decent cast of super villains, and this one is guaranteed to speed off the shelves.
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