10 Terrible Ideas You Won't Believe Were Ever Implemented In Video Games

url-2 You know that feeling you get when you're about to do something that's going to end badly for you? I wonder if developers ever get that feeling during their meetings. Some truly awful ideas have been implemented into video games over the past few years, after all, that make me wonder whether developer meetings are merely a license to get drunk. How any rational human being can sit down and come up with some of the ideas that I'll be discussing in this article is a mystery to me. Some of these aren't even ideas that are loved by some gamers - some things are publicly denounced as being terrible. Yet what do companies such as PC Gamer and IGN do? They praise the developers for their ideas, they publish in international magazines that things like quick-time events herald a new age for gaming. Here's 10 terrible ideas you won't believe were included in video games.

10. Cut Scenes You Can't Skip

Metal Gear Solid I know you've put a lot of effort into a cut-scene, but sometimes I'm reloading a save or replaying the game and I don't want to sit through a scene I've not only seen before but doesn't have much to do with the main story. ME2 is one of the culprits, as well as AC2, Star Ocean, Crisis Core, Darksiders 2,Crysi--god there's a lot isn't there? A lot of these games seem to enjoy putting these scenes just before a difficult boss battle meaning if you die...that's right, time for a re-run.
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