10 Terrifying Horror Video Games Coming In 2016

5. Outlast 2

The original Outlast played a big part in reviving the video game horror genre. After years of increasingly inferior outings for the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series, indie developers took it upon themselves to offer a whole new angle on the genre: first-person games in which your only way of surviving is by running and hiding. Slender, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Outlast stepped up to the plate, and now the latter is coming back for seconds.

The sequel will take things away from the asylum setting of the original, and (based on the trailer and image above) looks like it'll take its run-and-hide style of horror to rural America - which is perfect, because what horror fan doesn't like the idea of being chased by a pickaxe-wielding lunatic through a cornfield at night?

The original Outlast plot combined the scientific with the supernatural, and while we don't yet know exactly what to expect from the sequel, the violent preaching and upside-down burning cross in the trailer suggest that the antichrist will have some part to play. Expect plenty of running, and creepy night-vision glimpses of the horrors chasing you down.

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