10 Terrifying Horror Video Games Coming In 2016

4. Tangiers

Like Pathologic, Tangiers is taking a more cerebral approach to horror - taking place in a surrealist nightmare inspired by Dadaist art and the darker side of avant-garde cinema.

Gameplay-wise, Tangiers is a first-person stealth game where you have to creep around a nightmarish abandoned industrial town, avoiding the spindly, distorted creatures that roam world. It takes place in a city recovering from war, but for reasons unknown gets affected by some otherworldly force, that spews forth what looks like the evil imaginings from the combined minds of Man Ray, William Burroughs and Hideo Kojima.

The open world looks beautiful, atmospheric, and quite unlike any we've seen in a game. Judging by its setting and visual style, it could be one of the most unique horror games we've seen in years.


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