10 Things You Need To Know About The #GamerGate Scandal

8. It's Not Just Straight White Males Who Are In Favour

The entire narrative of straight white males being responsible for everything bad in the world is tired, illogical, and downright bizarre. However, there€™s a disturbing assumption (that€™s all it is, not fact) that everyone rallying for #GamerGate is male, white and straight. Of course, this is untrue €“ in fact, the participants of #GamerGate are incredibly diverse. Exploring the tags will show that men and women of all ages and races are banding together to expose and fight crooked gaming journalism. Even the extremely controversial feminist, Christina Hoff Sommers posted a tweet in favour of #GamerGate which in turn sparked much encouragement and further tweeting from gamers all over the world. This is the most diverse gathering of gamers on social media there has been in a while.
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