10 Things That Prove EA Have Completely Lost Their Way

1. EA The Studio Killer


EA has garnered an increasingly prominent reputation as the "studio-killer", purchasing fantastically talented studios only to shut them down with barely any reason. This is their biggest disgrace.

Developers with huge amounts of potential like Pandemic, Bullfrog, Mythic and, most recently, Visceral Games have all fell down to EA. Not only has this caused a huge amount of exciting games to be lost to the void forever, it also resulted in hundreds of talented game developers losing their jobs.

EA is constantly purchasing studios just like these, setting them up on a few exciting projects and then dropping them forever without giving them a true chance to shine. When they own these studios, they also often tamper with the games and make them worse, such as shoving microtransactions into Dead Space 3.

EA have recently purchased Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment which, considering the proven potential of that studio, hopefully isn't an indication that they'll suffer the same fate. Quit executing hard-working developers EA.


What do you think is the worst thing that EA have done? Let us know in the comments.

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