10 Things That Prove EA Have Completely Lost Their Way

10. Star Wars Battlefront 2's Microtransactions


This recent fiasco is easily one of the biggest examples of a studio alienating their customers by treating them like walking ATM's.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 initially launched with a huge "pay-to-win" structure that allowed people to spend real money on loot crates for a greater advantage against would rather not pay more on top of the price of the game. This kind of model makes sense for free to play titles, but is an absolutely disgusting move for a full priced AAA release.

This is on top of the original controversy regarding character unlocks and the amount of time needed for each (40+ hours per character). Gamers have thankfully been fighting back against EA and their shady practices, resulting in the amount of time needed being decreased and microtransactions being temporarily disabled.

However long this microtransaction ban lasts, it's extremely scummy that EA ever attempted to include them in a fully priced product, never mind to the extent they affect gameplay.

Let's hope they truly learned a lesson this time.

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