10 Things Ubisoft Wants You To Forget

Far Cry 5?? Don't you mean "White genocide simulator"?

Far Cry 5

Between creating iconic franchises that have become regular household names like Assassin's Creed and Far Cry, to smaller experiences that pack just as much of a punch such as Valiant Hearts or Child of Light, Ubisoft has - for the most part - let their games do the talking when it comes to any controversial matters.

That said, although Ubi have managed to avoid the same ridicule your EAs and Activisions (with the exception of a few disastrous years in the middle of the decade), they've still been subjected to plenty of controversy that they were more than happy to sweep under the rug and keep out the public eye.

Whether that was to do with the content in the games themselves, shortsighted business decisions or dumb comments made in the wake of criticism, Ubisoft have found themselves stuck in the thick of it every couple years or so.

It doesn't matter if they were to blame or not; these situations led to negative press that caused many uproars at the time - ones which Ubisoft have done their best to distance themselves from ever since.

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Far Cry 5
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