10 Things Your Favourite Video Game Developers Want You To Forget

1. Naughty Dog's Terrible Original Logo (That Also Had A Nude Cheat)

Naughty Dog old logo
Naughty Dog

PHWOAR lads, eh? Phwoarrr. Women eh? Phwo- and so on.

Clearly a product of Naughty Dog's initially tiny team size and more "radical" appearance than the more respectable, professional company they are today, the original logo as it appeared on 1991's Rings of Power came complete with Hawaiian shirt colour combos and a "beach babe" alongside.

Best/worst of all, if you entered A, B, C, down, right and start, the lady would appear naked.

Why? Because teenage mentalities and video games. That's why.

Needless to say, Naughty Dog would debut their now-iconic black and white (with red paw) logo in 1996, alongside Crash Bandicoot. Simply because Crash was such an astronomical success, it tends to be this icon that gets associated with the company, and indeed very few know of the hilariously terrible incarnations that came alongside their earlier work.

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